Libros de Artista by Simon Blattner

LIBROS DE ARTISTA: Artists' Books from Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora


Take a journey with Simon Blattner in his newly released book! Blattner tells the story of how he came to love handmade paper, printing, and artist books. He describes how he discovered the robust Artists' Book scene of Mexico and his own life adventure. 

Included in the book are brilliant photographs of 15 unique contemporary Artists' Books and a compelling forward by artist and Stanford University Professor, Enrique Chagoya.  Libros de Artista is bilingual in English and Spanish and is a powerful look at the most exciting hand-made art books in the world today. 

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Praise for Libros de Artista

"What is most to be treasured, art or books? The answer could be artists’ books, and probably no-one knows them and loves them more than Simon Blattner. Libros de Artista is that knowledge and love made manifest."
- Stanley A.

"Simon I love your story, I read it twice, it's just such an easy swift an important read. My greatest wish is that I had read it before I went to your show. It would’ve made all the difference in the world. And I already loved your show. Wonderful book. You’re a wonderful person. And you write with total ease and grace."

- Hank M.

I just finished reading—from cover to cover- Libros de Artista and what a gift it is! Simon, I loved reading your story about how it all came to be. It is just beautiful. Thank you for doing it... Both the design and the photographs were brilliant...the idea was cool and creative and unusual and the execution was truly masterful. Congratulations!

- Kate E.


What is an artist book / libro de artista?

Not sure what an artist book is? Here's Simon's short answer:

Of all the questions that I have received regarding art, “What is an artist book?” is the most asked.  There are many answers to that question but I think I have a simple answer.  It is whatever the maker of the book wants it to be. 

In general artist books are some combination of art and words but often no words are included.  The artist's creativity  shows through in the message that is delivered by the scene that is created and often by the words that accompany the art.  The story is meant to tell itself but it is not often easy to translate.  Many artist’s books are small editions or one of a kind but they may also be published in significant larger editions.  I always look for the beauty of the art and the paper that is used as well as the binding. I also look closely how it is printed.  But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I have never met an Artist who did not want to make an Artist Book.