Libros de Artista: Artists' Books from Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora

Libros de Artista, curated by Simon Blattner,  featured 30 contemporary limited edition books created by Latin American artists, sourced from both the original artists in Mexico and from private collections. A condensed version of the exhibition with the same name held at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art in early 2018, the artists' books in the exhibition reveal a wide range of artistic, political and personal concerns. Topics explored include the relationship between gender and power, immigration, censorship, border control politics and other themes that are becoming more and more relevant to lives both north and south of the border. Libros de Artista offers an enthusiastic ride through a world of strong graphic tradition, deeply felt relationships to material objects, profound knowledge of craft and a judicious use of technology.

All above photography is by Associate Curator, Barbara Wells

Exhibition Introduction:

Every book I ever picked up had an aspect of beauty of a feature that made me look at it as art. It could have been the paper, the typeface, the ink, the binding, or even the heft and feel of the volume.

An artists' book can either be the product of a single individual or a coordinated effort of a team of makers; it really doesn't matter. It can look like a book or maybe not. It will be an attempt by the artist to urge us to look a little closer, be more observant, open the cover, and see what is inside. An artists' book may be beautiful, unusual, or thought provoking, but one thing is for sure, it will invite us to go further.

The Mexican artistic community has been making artists' books for hundreds of years. Contemporary Mexican artists' books have staged a renaissance. They are spellbinding, rich with color, robust, filled with energy, and brilliantly conceived. The choice process for this exhibition was extremely difficult. I was able to view many diverse and intriguing pieces of work before choosing these select few. This exhibition is merely the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy every page. - Simon Blattner, Curator



Barbara Wells, Associate Curator

Pablo & Lourdes Pesqueira, Mexico City & Oaxaca Liaison Guides

Kimberly Blattner, Editor & Inspiration

Claudia Mendoza-Carruth, Translator

Art Hazelwood, Contributing Editor

Chester Arnold, Contributing Artist


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Guillermo Reyes, Deputy Consul General

Paula Linares Cruz, Consul for Cultural Affairs

Sofía Martínez Gallardo, Associate for Cultural Affairs


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Linda Lima Keaton, Executive Director

Tanya Gayer, Exhibitions and Facilities Manager

Margie Maynard, Director of Education and Engagement

Artworks included in Libros de Artista